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Hello loves and welcome to my little world, it's a new year which means new beginnings, new goals etc. 

Let me introduce myself to you guys, my name is Ranya im 25yo and i'm Moroccan, currently living with my husband in Stockholm, Sweden. For the past 2 years I have been struggling with some administrative work (I will be writing on the process soon, tell me if you happen to be curious, I'd be glad to share my experience) between Morocco and Sweden and let me tell you that it has been challenging and really hard to handle (both personally and professionally). Before that I was living and studying in Montreal, I spent 5 years there and I loved it. 
Now everything is going well, im officially living in Sweden, thank god, all paperwork issues are resolved and things are starting good for me this year. 

I have been working on my blog for a while now, designing, working on my shots, writing some articles but it was mostly uploading my pics to the platform. I will be writing about life in general, about what inspires me, about my experiences. The 3 topics that I will mostly talk about are : lifestyle, fashion and travel.
The blog is going live today the 1st of January. It's my way to kickstart the year:


From now on I promise to myself to live a life with a positive attitude and a head full of dreams. To live a life full of achievements, productivity and energy.
I promise to be kind and loving with myself, self-love is important to my well-being. It impacts your personal life, your relationship with family – husband – partner – friends. It impacts the image you project at work, the way you handle the vagaries of life. 
I promise to do more of the things that make happy, to be more active and to take care of my health.

Hope that you will like my work, if you want me to talk about something on particular let me know in the comments . 

 " When you have a dream, you've got to grab it and never let go." 
– Carol Burnett